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Tips Before Enrolling into Esthetics School

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

  • Do your research, I watched YouTube videos of people who were attending the same school I wanted to originally go to. These students were in different states ut it gave me an idea of how my environment would be. It also gave me a glimpse of what I would be learning and what tools the school may give me.

  • Save, if you haven't already start saving for school and applying for scholarships. The program may go by so fast and it's tie to pay up. I say this because you want to soak every bit of information you can. One you graduate you graduate, it's now up to you to prepare yourself everyday for the new world of skin.

  • Keep up to date with trends. Stay updated as much as possible with this industry. Skin is art in science form. You literally want to soak up all the knowledge behind the science of skin. It gives you a way better perspective of your body, your environment, and what your body may need. The skin makes up your entire body and its first defense between the world. You should treat to with all the love it deserves.

  • Whether you're planning to join a team or become a solo esthetician its good practice to read on marketing and sales skills in tis industry. I suggest watching Youtube videos on how to build your clientele and as you become more familiar with it you'll add your own twist.

  • Remember you're a walking brand, yes you provide a service but you're personality will shine through your whole career. Remember first impressions are everything when working with clients. You'll have ALOT of practice with this in school don't worry.

Research magazines, blogs, videos, or even podcasts that pertain to the beauty industry. I follow many other estheticians online Here's a list of my favorite pages.














Some of these professionals may or may not have YouTube but they do have Instagrams to follow.

This is a growing article lol. Comment some tips you have for other estheticians or anything you would've done differently. Thanks for reading!

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