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Your Favorite Esthetician

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Welcome to my website! I'm super excited to be sharing this journey with everyone. My name is Kharisma Madison and I am a student at The Beauty Institute studying esthetics. I will be blogging my career and everything related to esthetics on here. I'm new to all of this but I promise to make this an experience worth being apart of because we going ALL THE WAY UP!

Your skincare plays a part into how you treat your body. My goal is to share as much information even personal experiences.

I imagine this being a safe place for everyone whether you're studying esthetics or just looking for new information. I want to be the problem-solver to your problems. I'm going to be sharing everything I learn and my resources. I understand life can be hectic and I want to relieve that stress for anyone I come across.

But this is pretty much the end of my quick welcome speech. I really wanted to briefly explain my current goals and focus to you guys.

Thank you for reading and most importantly supporting me!

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