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Skincare Routine: How Do We Know What to Buy?

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The first step in finding a good skincare routine is finding the right products for your facial. You want to be to be able to trust the brand you're purchasing to fix the damage that has been happening to your skin. This may be difficult for some at first, you may experience further damage to your skin, which I would like to remind you is perfectly OK. Yes it's ok if you make a mistake when buying a new product. However you still want to know the ingredients that are in the product. My advice would be read the back of the packaging for the "Active Ingredients" in the skincare product. By doing so you're learning would could be a major benefit or loss for your skin. You're becoming more familiar with what works for your skin and what doesn't. By learning your skin a little better it will definitely start rewarding you.

I hope this helps anyone for more information and help when buying a new product download Picky. Picky allows you to search for a product. It gives you a rate and reviews from other buyers. I'm a fan of this app when I'm at Target or the drugstore. I'm always finding my way to the skincare aisle and I have my phone most of the time. It's a quick easy way for me to find out about a product faster.

If you have time and would like to do deeper research, Enviromental Working Group allows you to search products to tell you it's good or bad for your skin. It gives you a full review of the ingredients within the product. There is a list provided of the allergies, toxins, ingredients, and if it has been tested on animals. I like this website for when I'm doing further research behind the science of products.

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