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Scholarship Resource for Estheticians, Cosmetologist, and Nail Techs

Now I know most of us are super eager to start their careers and go to school. You may have some trouble paying for school. Don't let that be the reason stopping you from attending. I have solution and it does require some hard work but remember you are capable of anything. Visit for numerous scholarships intended for beauty enthusiasts who wish to venture off to school. The scholarships are intended for anyone is currently or apply to be an esthetician, cosmetology student, or nail tech. Beauty Changes lives uses their platform to empower the next generation of beauty gurus. They have scholarships set for the Summer and Fall and choose two winners. You usually just have to submit a video answering three questions. They also offer tips for your video if you're not sure and watching other past winners. Check to see if you school qualifies for the scholarship today.

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Hey to anyone who is reading this or took an interest in my blog. Hope your guys are having a day filled with love and light. I just want to reach out to everyone and remind you to keep your head up.

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